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I too tend to overthink and I appreciate your nudge to not let that get in the way.

Thank you for encourage me and others to bring our creativity into the world! I actually believe that's why we are all here - to express what is uniquely ours to express!

When I have a creative decision to make, I relax my mind and allow and invite guidance.

I'm excited you're taking this leap, Kathy, and look forward to so much more!

Much love ...

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Lovely post.

At the moment the writing I'm doing leans more toward journalism / commentary, which takes some of the decision making out of it. A few years ago, though, I wrote a novel. About a month into the process, I rescued a dog, a greyhound, from the rehoming centre. We quickly settled into the perfect routine: breakfast, hour long dog walk in which I'd let my mind just wander, and allow images and scenes to play themselves out in my head. Then we'd head home and he'd curl up on his dog bed while I spent the rest of the day writing out those scenes and images as the next few pages of the novel took shape. I thoroughly recommend it as a writing practice. You don't *have* to get a dog, of course, simply being out in nature will do the trick. I just liked the company.

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